Jen Mason, PhD.

Jen Mason is a PhD candidate at Prescott College (Prescott, Arizona) in Sustainability Education. She is interested in transformative learning, resilience, multi-stakeholder whole-system change processes, mindfulness, and the theory and practice of dialogue.

Design, specs, approach

As the face of Mrs. Mason's PhD research project, this website needed to be part advertising campaign, part participant portal. It required a logo, banner and background images, typography, color scheme, co-hosting organization links, and a participant questionnaire. The design solution consisted of significant copy editing for UX/web presentation, and a single-page layout featuring a full-screen banner, grid layout, sectional images, and social media integration. The process throughout was a collaborative, co-thinking effort, resulting in a unique site which balanced form & function.

*Tech specs: HTML5, CSS3, Flexbox, JQuery, Copy Editing, Graphic Design, Photo Sourcing.