About Mason Media


Andrew Mason is a Toronto web designer, developer, graphic designer, and copywriter. He founded Mason Media to build beautiful, functional, and original web experiences. He blends a bold, modern visual design aesthetic with functional UX/UI sensibilities that balance form and function. From interactive websites, to copywriting, and graphic design, Mason Media creates custom products with beauty and originality.

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Pixel perfect.
Color creative.
Composition innovation.


My Values


I am a thinking & design collaborator. My client relationship is like marble to artist: I strive to give shape and form to an opaque set of needs, in a professional and artistic way. I create original web products that marry each client's specific requirements with a bold, creative design aesthetic. My goal is to co-produce unique websites, copywriting, images, and user experiences that truly shine. Collaborative, partner-thinking is at the core of the my process.

Lateral Thinking.

Modern layouts. Bold photos. Fun fonts. Innovative color palettes. Creative functionality. These are the heart of my aesthetic. Lateral thinking fuels my process, helping make every site, sentence, and image a piece of art. While aiming to balance form and function, design, beauty, and elegance are a cornerstone of my process. Outside-the-box thinking helps me problem-solve from start to finish as I aim to blend client needs with my design ethic, creating unique and personal visual experiences.

Creative Thinking.

In a world of homogeneity, standing out is both tricky and essential. I hold dear the goal of creating original products that not only communicate a client's message, but that do so with daring. From layout to navigation, graphics and content, my perhaps most cared for value is doing something unique; both for my clients, and for myself. In so doing, I prioritize customer service, communication, and collaboration to make the entire experience enjoyable: from design to delivery.

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Mason Media Values and Ethos


Lightweight code.
Creative functionality.
User interactivity.

My Services

My Services

I offer a range of services from web design and development, to copywriting, SEO, graphic design, and UX/UI design/analysis. I co-think with clients from the initial concept phase to completion and delivery, aiming to provide each & every project its own unique voice.

Web Design

I work with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, Javascript, and WordPress to offer clients a range of design options that are beautiful, functional, innovative, and versatile. From stock themes, to fully customized websites, I offer a wide range of creative web solutions.


I have a diverse and versatile writing background, with professional experience writing about food, fashion, lifestyle, music, and tech. I write engaging and entertaining copy for everything from websites and blogs, to biographies, event promotion, social media, marketing, and more. I also edit and analyze existing content for syntax, readability, and SEO.

Graphic Design

From custom banners, to logos, and exciting typography, I strive to bring big, bold, and beautiful design solutions to every project. I collaborate with clients to choose the perfect images, color schemes, layouts, and fonts to help communicate their goals and aesthetics through design.

UX Design/Analysis

My goal is to integrate my websites, written content, and imagery with as many components of UX as possible. I consider layout, navigation, color psychology, performance, readability, and functionality into all my designs to achieve simple, enjoyable, and engaging user experiences.

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Period perfect.
Stylish & slick.
SEO optimized.

My Work

Rates &

Landing pages.
Fully customized websites.


Mason Media Pricing and Packages

Choose from HTML5, Bootstrap, Wordpress, or bespoke website templates. All plans include a client consultation, basic SEO routine, as well as social media & email integration. I offer support in choosing templates and hosting plans, as well as service & maintenance packages. Prices vary depending on content, customization, and functionality requirements*. Please drop me a line for an estimate or more information.

*Deadlines depend on project scope & queue of existing clients.*Sliding scale available for students & community organizations. *Please inquire for more information.

Landing, splash, and coming soon pages

Client Consult > 1hr
Content > 1-page, limited scroll*
Design > Layout, color, fonts
Mockups > 2
Revisions > 2
SEO > 1-Point
Support > Hosting, Installation
*Add-ons > Writing, editing, graphics
*Extras > Forms, mailchimp, woocommerce
Starting @ > $800

Stock Templates

Client Consult > 1hr
Content > Multipage, limited scroll*
Design > Limited customization
Template > Choice from selection
Revisions > 2
SEO > 1-Point
Support > Hosting, Installation
*Add-ons > Writing, editing, graphics
*Extras > Forms, mailchimp, woocommerce
Starting @ > $1000 + $100/pp

Custom website

Client Consult > 1hr
Content > Multipage, unlimited
Design > Custom design & features
Mockups > 2
Revisions > 2
SEO > 2-Point
Support > Hosting, Installation
Included > Writing, editing, graphics
*Extras > Forms, mailchimp, woocommerce
Starting @ > $2000 + 250/pp*