Advance Therapy

Advance Therapy specializes in the provision of rehabilitation services for people with an acquired brain injury. They recruit highly qualified Rehabilitation Therapists who collaborate with multi-disciplinary treatment teams to help clients achieve their maximum recovery. Under the supervision of regulated healthcare professionals, AT Rehabilitation Therapists provide each client with customized support for activities of daily living, educational or vocational pursuits, and community reintegration activities.

Design, specs, approach

This project required a complete overhaul and redesign of the firm's previous site. Requirements included ease of use, a low amount of scrolling while still presenting a large amount of content, as well as a specific typeface and the firm's previous logo. The design solution consisted of a one-page layout with animated dropdown sections that hide and reveal the required textual content upon click/tap. It further features a smooth-scroll side-canvas menu, an expanded color palette, more focused branding, and images selected based on industry related themes.

*Tech specs: HTML5, CSS3, Flexbox, Bootstrap, JQuery, Copy Editing, Graphic Design, Photo Sourcing.